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                                             Peace Begins Within


Soul Companion

A Soul Companion, otherwise known as Spirit Guides have lived before us, among us, and will be here long after us. They have decided to further their soul growth by working with the living. They help guide and advise to benefit the world. Unlike Guardian Angels, THEY HAVE LIVED! Soul Companions have experienced the pains and joys of this world
Let Them Be A Companion To Your Soul! 


Josia came into my life quite unexpectently but very timely, regardless.
Mary was guided to bring him forth on my behalf for comfort and healing after the transition of my beloved Rudy.
when my eyes fell on Josia's face I was astonished...I knew him and knew that I knew him.
without notice, my hand went to touch his face and feel his nature.  I was drawn to him immediately, felt a union of Souls and knew instantly that we had shared our lives in other dimensions.
Mary informed me he is a wonderer seeking religious/spiritual texts from many lands, that I have been with him often. he was a writer and quietly Soul-full
He is brilliant in lessons and Light Energy. A guider of inner awareness and living awake.
Josia is in my living room welcoming all who enter there but mostly for me to gaze upon before and after meditation...We join together in prayer and healing for myself reaching out into the Universe. He is ever Present...refreshing my mind as he clears anything unlike God from my world and earthly home.
Words are inadequate in this life time but, my feelings and ethereal self embraces his BEING, naturally and  completely.
And my heartfelt gratitude to Beautiful Mary for her vision, bringing wisdom and understanding from the ages that continue to enrich my Life and Being, GREATLY!!
-LJ, Rescue

My Soul Companion, portrait and story, are unique to any experience I have had in the past.
My beautifully drawn personal guide gives me a tangible energy to connect with. My Companion's life story has similar threads to my own.
This symbiotic relationship has created a warm environment of trust and knowledge that I know is available to me
whenever I am in need of it. 
~Kimberly - Shingle Springs

I wanted to write a few lines about my experience with commissioning my soul companion portrait.  The service you offer is unusual and wonderful.  It took me some weeks to decide to commission the portrait because I had some skepticism regarding “could this really be real?”  I decided the least I would walk away with is a beautiful portrait but what I could gain in knowledge was limitless.  As soon as I decided to commission a portrait, I immediately felt a sense of joy and excitement.  This was soon accompanied by happy impatience until I decided on the date to have the portrait done.  I knew I had made a good decision.
I enjoyed the creating process with you immensely.  I was happily surprised that there were two individuals that wanted to come forward instead of one.  It reminded me that our expectations might not be what we envision and that it is important to be open to other possibilities.
The day we all came together to meet each other was a day I will never forget.  The emotional experience is almost beyond description.  What did I feel?  Tears of joy, happiness, love, peace, a sense of belonging to something bigger than myself, respect and comfort.  
The information given during the meeting I have found to be valuable and significant for me.  My life is becoming more balanced and emotionally harmonious.  I try my best to follow the advice I have been given, and it is a path that feels, in a word, good.  I feel a closer connection to my soul companions and feel information is more easily received for me.  Not necessarily easy, but easier.  I am sure it will continue to develop as I follow the advice I was given and practice.  It is a wonder to me that I can look at them any time I want and feel peaceful and loved.  To know they are there for my highest good and that they only want the best for me.  This is truly something that must be felt and experienced in order to understand.  
I am so happy and grateful I made the decision to have these portraits made.  Gambi and Manuel will be with me always and that makes me feel wonderful.  
-Kathleen, Shingle Springs


The thought of what to say about Adrian keeps getting congested in side. Not for lack of care but because of so much caring!  The affection that comes into my mind and heart is so deep and filled with gratitude that I can barely share without tears.  I can't tell you the appreciation I have that you allowed him to push himself forward to be so important that he had to be next in the queue before even one of The Compassionates! 
At first he felt very intimidating to me! Over time the feeling is one of a loving and patient teacher/mentor.  He calms me. He shows me to trust more and judge less. He lets me know I'm not alone.  For this and for all that is yet to reveal I am so deeply grateful to all of my Guides and Angels.  And to You for allowing this gift to come through hands that doubted they could produce anything so deep and compelling.  
Blessings and Gratitude,
-Lynn, Rescue