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The Compassionates

Let us welcome them with open hearts and minds.
The Compassionates, are a growing group of spirit guides.  They all have had lives on earth as a human in flesh form. These loving beings are international in origin and come in all shapes and sizes, with varied life experiences.  When they passed their most recent life, they decided to dedicate their after-life to the human race currently experiencing life on this planet during this monumental time in Earth’s history.  The energy being imbued to Mother Earth and her inhabitants is very strong and perplexing, it will continue this way until we evolve into 5th dimensional beings. Change always seems hard and can be chaotic when we don’t understand what is really happening.
The Compassionates are here to support us with whatever we may need.  Talk to them.  See if you relate to one more than another. Form a relationship, accept their friendship. They offer us support in a variety of ways: They offer peaceful waves of energy to calm us, new outlooks on confusing events, hope when we are in despair and the ability to give love a try when we cannot comprehend loving again. Whatever you need in the coming years…
ask, breathe and believe.

  ask, breathe and believe.
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The Compassionates Speak

#2  Four Winds

Direct Channel of Four Winds

            I go by the name of Four Winds. I live in the mountains in a very beautiful country. The White men have named it El Dorado; rightly so as there is much gold in the earth here. We have known this for a long time but we are not as interested in the gold metal. We are greatly interested in family, maintaining our land, our homes and our tribes. For some reason there is much conflict between the White men and those who follow him. They want the land; they realize its beauty and its abundance. As much as some of us would like to share it, we feel that it would not be a fair share. Sometimes we must fight back to survive. Some of our tribe are great warriors and don’t see the value in negotiations because they feel that this God-given land is their right; so this is in conflict to the White Man, to the Brown Man and to the Chinese Man who would like to own this beautiful country also. Chaos has evolved and many of us have dealt with it in different ways, to protect our tribe and our land, to provide for our children in the next generations to come. To honor the Ancient Ones that have left their bodies, we must fight. I have often seen the spirit in many men; this brings me much sorrow.
           My family is divided on how this works. When our ancients gave us our legions, it was told that when we kill another human being, part of our spirit leaves our body. If you kill enough, your spirit will be gone. We do not wish for this; however, for some it seems to renew their spirit which is much different than what the ancients told us about. I saw my family -- all of my family -- be killed and taken or die of famine due to lack of freedom to hunt as we did, to provide for ourselves. As I saw the life that I knew deteriorate, I had much sorrow, much greater than I could bear. I am strong. I am warrior. I called upon the Great Spirit to relieve me from this sorrow, to give me strength as I pass from this world into the spirit world. I decided to help my kind and any others that walk the earth, that want the freedom to walk the earth as they choose. I decided to help by providing comfort and hope and strength when they are afraid. I still walk the earth in spirit. I have offered myself as a Compassionate, teaming up with so many others that now have come back to assist the people, to assist Mother Earth. At this time of change and evolution we must help each other, support each other, and give each other courage, for we are strong. The Great Spirit says, “May the strong help the weak.”
May All Be Blessed  - Ho!



#8  Mother Mary​​

Direct Channel of Mother Mary

             I have come to my sister Mary because she has offered her assistance in giving the world hope. Quan Yin and I have established  the Compassionates and are continuing that work for you on a daily basis. We offer to open our hearts; we offer to hold you, to soothe you when you need comfort. We will not outwardly change what is occurring on your planet. We will not force people to change their hearts or to be kind. What we will offer you as you seek us out is peace, hope and compassion. We will also help you, with the other Compassionates at our sides,  to come up with ideas and ways to serve your soul and ways to serve humanity from a different perspective, other than the way you were programmed to see. Open up your heart, your mind; listen beyond the words. Let us hold you in our arms and rock you. Let us bring insights to you that are not in your traditional paradigms. Breathe… Be silent so you can hear what we offer. Know from the depths of your soul that love conquers all and that love will win out in every situation; wait for the timing. I offer you the comfort; I offer you the support of many; and I want to do nothing more than assist you on your journey to your ascension from this planet, from this lifetime. I offer nothing more than to evolve your soul and to become more at peace, more at one with the universe, with each other and with your own self.

             I was taught at a very young age; I went off to school with the Essenes. This is the picture that I show you now. I was taught many things but until you experience for yourself, you do not know in your heart how to extend compassion because you don’t know what it is. When it is offered to you, you get a fuller understanding of how to give it back. Before I had my son, I did not understand fully how to forgive, how to love. Find your peace on this earth no matter what events occur. Take the support that is offered to you. Forgive when you can’t forgive. We will give you that strength. We offer you the OM.
Peace Be With You

Mother Mary by Mary
         I often heard about Mother Mary; in fact, being brought up a Baptist, I heard a lot about her. When I was four years old I got to stand up in front of church in a Christmas play where we all had letters hanging around our necks and my letter was, of course, M for Mother Mary. My line was to say “M is for Mary, the Mother of Jesus.” This was the first time that I ever really thought about her being a real person.
        When 911 happened in the United States I was in a hotel room in Carlsbad, CA. My children and I were on the way to Lego Land. We had pulled in late at night and I didn’t realize that Carlsbad was next to Camp Pendleton.  My children and I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, actually about 3:00 am; we'd just had terrible nightmares. I could hear women and children screaming and crying. I didn’t know why I was having that dream; then to find out that my children were having the exact same dream that I had just had. I brought them into bed with me and we all snuggled up. We could all still feel that something had happened, so I began to ask the angels for help, pleading with them for help. Then, Who came through was quite a surprise. It was the face of Quan Yin. At that time I had no idea who Quan Yin was, and I became afraid of this foreign woman’s face in my hotel room. I asked her if she was of the light and tol Yd her that she needed to go away because I was afraid and wanted to protect my children. Then the face of Mother Mary came through and explained to me that this was Quan Yin and that she had the heart of compassion. I conceded because I didn’t know what else to do. I asked Mother Mary, “Why is this happening?” She just looked at me and put her finger over her lips and said, “shhhhh,” trying to quiet me. She said, “We have this under control.” She didn’t tell me what had happened; she just tried to comfort me. She said, “We are taking care of this. You can sleep now and you are not to worry, just pray.” As I lay in this hotel room with my two children snuggled up next to me, I took great comfort, even though I had never seen anything like this before and really didn’t know who Mother May was; somehow she was comforting and I believed her words. I believed that I didn’t have to lay in the bed afraid with no recourse. I didn’t have to worry and upset my body, my cells and my mind. I didn’t have to have to think that I had to handle it all or take it on myself because I didn’t know what was happening.
       As the sun began to rise the kids got up and started to run around the hotel room and turned on the television. There was only the 6:00 a.m. news on. I said to the boys, “I don’t know what’s happening but turn off that news. It sounds too heavy.” Then they went to the window and looked out and said, “Hey, Mommy, there are aircraft carriers outside, a whole bunch of them. You should come and see them.” I replied, “No, boys, you’re just making this up. Go back to bed.” “No, really,” they said; so I got up and looked outside and sure enough there were aircraft carriers and huge ships leaving San Diego sailing out to sea. Later I found out that the ships were all leaving port in case of attack. They all lined up along the California coast to protect us and the areas where our military nuclear facilities are located. This was very scary but I shared with the boys that it’s all being taken care of and that all we have to do is send our prayers, good thoughts and listen to see if there is anything in particular that we need to do. Most importantly, we don’t need to be afraid or need to worry. Lego Land was closed that afternoon and as we began to start the rest of the day, we heard what had really happened; that the country was in mourning. We talked with people at the hotel and tried to give them hope just as Mother Mary had offered us hope.

#1  Neimah

Neimah by Mary
           I first met Neimah in about 2014; I didn’t know her by name I was just taking an evening alone sitting by the fire watching the news. I just felt the need to turn on some International news, it was the time when they had kidnapped the girls from a school in Nigeria and there wasn’t a trace of them. Their parents, teachers and school mates were just pleading for them to be returned. Knowing that they would probably be sold into the sex slavery trade, it was such a sad time! As women in America we have freedom, we can go wherever we want and we don’t worry about being kidnapped out of a classroom. It was so frustrating having no idea of how to put that information in part of my mind and still be able to sleep at night. It was torturing me and I began to cry. I couldn’t stop crying out of pure grief for these poor girls and their families knowing that this is only a sampling of what happens on our planet. I got very angry and called out to Quan Yin and Mother Mary asking how can this go on? If there is a God where is God now? That’s when Neimah appeared as just a face in my fire. I was quite startled and asked her who she was and what she was doing here.  She said that she was here to help me understand what was going on and how to help me live through this. So I sked her, “what can I do, my body doesn’t work that well so I can’t go traipsing off to another country, I don’t have a lot of money I could send off to this cause and really didn’t know for sure that it was actually going to help the cause, what can I do?” So she said, “You are useful on this planet.”  “Well, does that mean that my only outlet is to pray?” She said, “don’t underestimate prayer, you need to walk around tomorrow at work and tell people that you had this experience of meeting a woman in your  fire place that was here to help humanity.”  “When you find the right person they will have a revelation, stating that story is for me.” So the next day I started telling people. How humiliating! I had to fight the humiliation because it seemed so weird, meeting a woman in my fireplace. Did I really see a lady in the fire? Did she really give me a message? Well, I believe in myself, at least most of the time, so I figured what did I have to lose? So I acted upon it by sharing the message, sure enough about the sixth time I shared this story a young woman stuck her head in my office and said, “Excuse me, but I think that the story is for me.” I just couldn’t believe it! That was exactly the words that Neimah said would be used.
            After speaking with this young woman I learned that she wanted to go to Africa where Neimah came from, she had just been there the year before. She and her brother had recently graduated from college and without much planning decided that they wanted to go to Africa to help out. They charged the trip on their newly issued credit cards and went. They found a city that interested them, and found a family that set up an orphanage with no funding. They just took kids off of the streets that were addicted to glue inhalation and gave them shelter, food and water.  The young siblings stayed for a week and helped them finish building their house and provide toys. They decided that they wanted to go again and pretty soon they had a “Go Fund Me” account and were able to return for a month and this time brought several friends with them to help. They purchased wood, clothing, bought toys, water purifiers, food and hoped as they shared their lives with these kids they would feel loved. I was amazed that this brother and sister did this. Even more miraculous was that I was able to help in my own little way. This is what I asked for! It was amazing that with my body, at this time of my life, in this environment that I could help. I wouldn’t have thought of it in a million years! At this point I still didn’t know Neimah’s name or exactly who she was and I didn’t see her for another two years. One day, she came into my vision in my fireplace again and I said, “Oh, it’s you, thank you so much for helping me before, it made me feel so good about myself. It helped me do something for the world, I participated.” She said, “I would like for you to participate again.” I replied, “Oh, okay what would you like for me to do?” She replied, “Please draw me.” I said, “What, I’m not an artist I don’t know how to draw you, I can’t even tie my shoes with these hands and I can barely see you.” I had to believe again so I went into my study and brought out my drawing notebook and some colored chalk. I said, “If you show me how to draw you, I will draw you.” I looked at this blank piece of paper and I just didn’t know what to do, so I asked her. She said,” Let’s start with my eyes.” Ok, I wasn’t sure how the face would fit in but she started to guide my hand. I did it first with charcoal and then I added the colors and finished off the portrait with colors in chalk. As I listened and followed she spoke with me and told me her name, “Neimah”, she showed me how it was written. She wanted a very colorful turban on her head; she wants to live in joy now that she is in the spirit world. She helped me in ways that I can’t tell you, we’ve cried together and laughed together. She offers energy through her eyes, through her gaze anyone that needs comfort, hope, ideas and support on how to move on will.
Thank you, Neimah you are truly a blessing to me, you have changed my life!


#3  Tio & Martha

#3 Tio & Martha

We are what the spirit world calls “task mates”.   We came to earth for a brief period of 33 years.  Together we had one soul.  It is our understanding that the sharing of souls is not done very often. However, we had a particular mission to accomplish.  Although we share one soul, Tio and I were separate physical bodies at birth.  We were born into different families, grew up as neighbors, we were married and we both had the same mission in life.  Tio performed his mission in a masculine form and I am performed mine in female form.  It was very important that we lived this way so we could accomplish our mission most efficiently.  
As a married couple we worked with the Christian Missionaries.  We were able to we bring balance of the male and female energies to the teaching of youth.  We taught the young ones how to read, write, think, and how to expand their worlds.  We also came with the intention of expanding their soul consciousness.  We taught them about animals, birds, trees and how nature works.  One of the important lessons we taught was to know yourself, to do your best and to live in the moment; and not live in the past or the future.  Live for your fellow man, helping your brother, taking care of your brother and also allowing yourself to be taken care of. 
Our passing into spirit world was in the great Philippine Tsunami of 2013.  As we heard the roar of the ocean, we gathered the school children towards the mountain to safety.  Tio and I we went back to the school to make sure all the children and school helpers had left the school.  As we retreated back up the mountain side, Tio and I were swept away and killed in a mudslide.  It was OK; because we knew it was our time.
 It was important that we went together because we are of one soul.  We learned a great deal from our time here and we want nothing more than to join our singular soul as one to help others, children in particular. Some children don’t have the opportunity to learn, or explore to get the most out of their life.  “So when you least expect it and the earth has another hiccup we will be there.  We will sing, teach and heal.  Life is wonderful, life can be so great!  Trust life, live it to its fullest and live in your today.”
Blessings to You
Martha & Tio

#4  Hortensio

Direct Channeling of Hortensio

           I was born in Northern Ecuador, in the town of Ibarra. I had a given name of Hortensio which is very proper. I was not a proper personality. I was very much a young rebel. I loved to explore the woods, the jungle, and the rivers; my parents could barely keep track of me. From an early age I did not believe in ordinary medicine. I had the knowing that plants were our medicine. I would try to get plants from different parts of my adventures and bring them home to use them on neighbors and friends. Much to all of our surprise, I was a good healer. I had some innate knowledge on herbs. I lived at the base of the Ibarra’s volcano so although our temperatures are quite tropical, we still had cooler temperatures on the volcano. There were more indigenous plants for me to discover. As an Incan I must have had this in my blood and my parents were tolerant of my ways of thinking about medicine; however, we had such a strong influence of the Catholics in our town that I was not free to practice medicine using my herbs that I found. Eventually, I set out on my own. I said goodbye to my family and friends and set out to explorer my future. What an education it was!
      I lived most of my life alone, seeing some jungle tribes that were very remote. I learned from the land and was very happy. There were dangers of men from other parts of the earth that came to destroy our beautiful Amazon; this limited our new discoveries. However, during my life span of the mid 1800’s, nothing disrupted my education. My studies came in handy after the huge earthquake of 1868. I was able to go back to my town and treat many injured people and the town eventually rebuilt itself. I then returned back to my real home in the jungle of the Amazon.
I am very blessed to be able to return to earth as a spirit. I am very open to helping you learn about herbs and healing. There is hope for the earth; the more you observe the earth and what it produces and quit destroying and contaminating the earth, the healthier your people will be. I am here to help you and to give you hope, to keep searching and looking for those earth-given remedies that will help your whole self heal. Real cures for what ails you and not just satisfy your symptoms. Never quit searching. Life has the answers for you.
Blessing to You

Hortensio by Mary
            When I sat down to draw Hortensio for the first time, I had no idea what to draw. I had not yet seen his face and didn’t know where to go. Finally I asked, “Whoever is out there, please help me to draw the next in line of the Compassionates. Please let me know who you are.” So I just started drawing, then the voice came after and said, “Draw my nose. It’s very long and straight.” I drew it and I thought for sure I had done it wrong. He encouraged me to keep going. The cheek bones were next -- very harsh cheek bones – and I thought for sure I really got it wrong; however, he kept encouraging me to go on. “Very narrow, narrow chin and older wrinkled skin.” I thought, “Who could this possibly be? It looks like a skeleton.” As I began to fill in some of the colors, Hortensio began to speak. “Yes, I have small, squinty eyes because I have lived in the dark area of the forest for a long time. I don’t see the sun and, yes, I am very old. I am vegetarian and only eat herbs. My skeleton is gaunt but I am happy and I am healthy.” I continued to draw thinking that he looked very pale. He explained to me that the lightness of his diet made his physical body light, less dense than others, almost transparent at times. He still has a great amount of energy to offer and his spirit is by no means old or weak. He did want to show us what he looked like before he left the earth.
          I didn’t have a name for him and I was beginning to worry;  then I had a knock on my door. It was my girlfriend who is a realtor. She came flying in the room, always so excited as she has so many stories to tell. She said, “Mary, I have this name on my mind and I don’t know why, but a voice told me to tell you about it.” I said, “OK, tell me about it.” She said, “Ibarra. Oh, like the Mexican Chocolate?” “Well,” I said, “I don’t think that’s it. Maybe we need to Google this to see if there is an additional meaning,” so we did. Ibarra is a place in Ecuador. I had talked to Hortensio earlier and he said that he was a South American medicine man. He loved the herbs and he loved the abundance of them in the Amazon. Well, when Cathleen walked in and said the city of Ibarra, which is in Northern Ecuador, which is where the Amazon happens to run through, things started to make sense. Then Cathleen said, “There is another name that keeps coming through. Here, Mary, write this down. The name is Hortense.” So I looked it up and one of the base meanings of Horten is light, and often a male name. At this point I didn’t know if the figure I was drawing was a male or female. As you can see, Hortensio is  indeed a male and it was very interesting as to how he came about.


#11 Lady Victoria

Name means: desires quiet, very analytical; victorious
                I was sent to Earth as part human and part Draconian.  I had a specific mission to help bring peace to the Nordsman.  As you can see from my picture, I have an unusual look.  I am beautiful to Earth people but my eyes are very dramatic.  Because of my looks, I was picked for a bride by a warrior of royalty; therefore my title of Lady gave me power.  My eyelids are unusual as they are double eyelids like reptiles can have.  This frightens commoners but royalty looked at it as a unique characteristic.  My people were warriors and conquerors, they wanted as much land and material goods as they could obtain, even if they had to kill for it.  My real mission was to bring a thoughtful consciousness towards living in peace and allowing others to do so also.  Greed is hard to fight.  I was able to influence many of the great teachers, mystics, and leaders of my time.  Many women were expected to be warriors also, everyone worked for their cause.  I tried to keep myself out of that and influence peaceful outcomes.  I saw so much savagery, I saw the commoners starve and go to war without proper equipment; they were just pawns for the greedy.  Some of the greedy could see that I was an opposing force.  I was lethally poisoned in an assassination plot.  I contacted the council from where I came, telling them my desire to be a spirit of compassion on the Earth.  This is very fulfilling for me and gives me a feeling of completion for my original mission.  The Draconians are said to be nothing but fighters but this is not true.  Some of us search for harmony and peace just as you have multiple factions on Earth with different motives.  I offer you new perspectives to attain peace and harmony.  Allow me to help you find answers in times of challenge.  Let us find victory together over greed, jealously, and self-gratification.  Stand in your own power, Know your allies. Walk in courage.

#10 Ahsan

Name means: gratitude and thankfulness, “she knows”.
                I was born to a Hindi mother but my father was from Pakistan. When I was very young, we were able to travel a great deal to visit relatives in both countries.   During my teenage years we were not able to travel like we did. People noticed that I had a Hindi name which made it difficult to have friends.  Many didn’t want to be seen with me because I was not all Pakistani.  I felt very alone at times and was frequently jeered by my peers and community.  I married a Pakistani as my parents said I had to.   We wore covering over our head and faces.  We had few freedoms as women and were expected to follow our husband’s points of view.  When we did not follow their orders, they could beat us and verbally abuse us.  Some of the women were actually stoned for their disobedience.  I tried to follow the beliefs that my parents had, but my heart wanted to go another way.  My husband passed away when I was thirty-four.  My father was still alive, so I was able to take shelter with my parents although my father had to make all of the family decision; this was hard since I had been a wife already.  I took the ruby on my head when I got married and it remained there signifying I was married, still, but I preferred it that way, I did not want to marry again.  I wanted to be free; I wanted to make my own choices.  I did not have a child so when my parents passed, I did have more independence than I had ever had.  I thought I could practice my independence, but the men of our community felt threatened when I made financial choices for my own wellbeing.  One day, they decided that I had disrupted the community laws enough and they became judge in jury.  They sentenced me to being stoned in the town square making an example of me, so that other women would not rise up to find their freedom.  When my spirit had passed to the other side, I could find nothing but forgiveness for these people who had kept me from enjoying my freedom.  I decided to come back as a Compassionate, I believe it is the best way I can help other women find their voice and their courage.  I also believe I can help the men, because not all men believe that a woman has no voice, only some of them believe that.  I now wear a headdress of bright colors, not black; to show my freedom and I will never wear a veil again to cover my face in shame.  Cherish your freedom by not holding on to hatred by those who oppressed you.  Forgiveness  takes courage. Freedom  takes courage.  Let me show you how to have courage through the actions of love. 


#5  Astara

Name means: powerful and complete. Bold, independent and inquisitive.
                My name is Astara. I am half human and half Sirian, from the planet Sirius.  I came to Earth for the first time, born into the content of Atlantis.  There I lived several hundred years.  It was an incredible experience.  Atlantis was so beautiful, filled with colors like no others on Earth.  The energy ran through the crystals to give the magnificent color and in turn the crystals amplified the energy.  The colors produced tones unique to this planet.  The tones were always in the background of our lives, they were a vibration from the live crystals.  As a cooperative member of the council from Atlantis, I was given different crystals imbedded in my forehead to amplify my third eye revelations.  We all had different crystals depending on our jobs status and accomplishments.  There was great dissention produced in an uprising of our local governments on how most efficiently to use our technology.  Some factions wished to control the people without their input, other factions wanted varying degrees of input.  We had developed weapons so powerful that they could destroy a continent with one use.  The power hungry were always there wanting to use the powerful weapons but the compassionate people found strength in peace.  When the war mongers took their hold onto Atlantis, many of us fled before its destruction.  I wanted no part of that type of world.  Most of my friends, family, and community were evaporated by the weapons.  I was in a group that fled to Egypt where I was beheld as a Goddess due to the crystals in my head, my tall stature, and my translucent blue skin.  I do not deem myself as a Goddess, but I found a mission to work for.  My mission was to remove the controlling war paradigm seed that had been planted in the DNA of many Egyptians.  Having the status of Goddess allowed me great latitude within the government structure, we were not able to eliminate the war paradigm seed from all DNA but we did accomplish a great deal.  When I left this body, I still had the heart of service when Mother Mary contacted me to become a Compassionate, I accepted with Zeal.  I could not have asked for a better way to serve humanity throughout the ages than to continue with my mission of replacing the war paradigm seed with love.  Anytime you need assistance with changing your perspective or actions of hate, please, allow me to send the energy of compassion throughout your energetic system.  Love is always greater than hate.  Rich blessings to all those who seek to find the compassion within them.

#6  Amelia

Hello, my name is Amelia. I want to share with you my purpose in my existence and what made the changes in my life. I was born Tatiana in Russia and was orphaned at a very early age. I don't remember my parents at all. I was put into an orphanage that was run by many people but they were not happy people; they were not nice. They used us for what they needed us for and then we all stayed in a place you would call a warehouse. It was very cold. We had very little to keep us warm, but there were many children there and we all took care of each other; but sometimes our owners would play us against each other by withholding food or jobs, little trinkets, that sort of thing, but there was no affection. I thought this world was a very, very cold place and did not want to be here.
Then I met my [new] parents; they were a couple from France that could not have children of their own. They came to visit and they met me. I wasn't sure what to think of them because I never felt like I was special to anyone and I never knew what parenting was; I did not know “family.” They promised me they would come back and get me but there was some more money that they needed to pay the owners that was unexpected to them. While they went back to France, to their home, and prepared for me, the price again was raised. It seemed like the more they wanted me, the higher the price.
One night I heard a noise in my sleep. It was a man who said he had come to get me for my parents in France. He helped me escape out of the warehouse. I was very small and could not understand many things but I did know that there must be more on this planet than what I've experienced. When we were outside of the warehouse my parents were standing there in the bush with a car waiting. They put me in the car and we drove what seemed to be a lifetime. I had never driven so far in a car but it was warm and they had food for me. Their voices were kind and I hoped against hope that life would be different from here on out. My hopes came true.
We went to a home in France where there was a yard, grass, flowers – such beautiful flowers – colors I had never seen before. And ... flowers that had the color lavender; they are so beautiful. They are like magic. I asked my parents to let me wear color and I have a lavender bow in my hair. I want to keep it there always. It reminds me of the beauty that life offers when given a chance.
Over the next few years I developed a cough and a tightness in my chest. My parents loved me and took such good care of me but it wasn't quite enough. They took me to many doctors that were also kind. They said I had a chronic and terminal lung disease from living in harsh conditions in the cold for so long. Just could not find the strength in my body to bring me back to health. But, oh, I wanted it because I had just found this new life. These parents who touched me so kindly, rubbed my head so softly, and sung to me at night. They made sure I was warm and had socks; and that I was clean, and had clean clothes, and clean water. I learned that they risked everything to travel to come and get me. They knew how to love. They were kind and compassionate when I was sick and afraid. I passed this earth at the age of 8 years old.
I enjoy it where I am. When I met the angels, all the old fears seem to go away. I've never been happier. I decided that I wanted to help other children in my afterlife rather than preparing for another life. I worked, learning how to bring compassion, security and warmth to other children who did not have it. I live my existence for this. My heart is so big now because I was shown love I never knew but I am learning every moment. This is why I have dedicated myself, my existence, to being a Compassionate to make sure that Hope stays in the world. I whisper in the children's ears. I stroke their face at night. I invoke the angels when needed for them; give them courage. This is who I am. This is what I want to be: a Compassionate, Namasté.

#9    EZRA

       I was born in the United States in the early 1900’s. I was called a negro, that meant I was African American. Early in the 20th century African American women were a low minority. My parents believed in education and as often as they could, they sent me to school. My father was somewhat educated and could read; he taught my mother to read. They both wanted a better life for me and knew times were changing. This prepared me with an attitude of progressiveness and positivity.

     I was able to attend classes and learn to type. I thought this was a most important career; I was going to be an office assistant. Not many African American women were able to have this type of position. I was very good at it. I understood communications and numbers. I could work in many office settings with these skills. I lived on the east coast which seemed to be more progressive; but men, in particular, white men, held all the power in business. I worked hard as my parents had taught me and wanted to get ahead to help support my family someday. Oftentimes I worked into the night and did whatever tasks they asked me.

    As I matured, it seemed that the superiors at work asked me unfair things to do. I tried not to complain and continued to work very hard. I began receiving too much attention from my boss. They joked about my skin color and my body. They seemed to be threatened by my understanding of business. My boss made inappropriate advances which made me very uncomfortable. Jobs were very hard to come by, especially if you had a bad reference. His advances were so aggressive and he was so strong that he overtook me many times. I had no one to tell or to complain to. The other women suggested that I keep silent. Soon, other male supervisors were “treated” to me, like I was a gift from my boss. I had to leave my job and find another city to live in.

    As it turned out, many male employers expected this. I began to hate men, but I longed for a relationship in which I would be honored as a woman, as a human being. I decided I didn’t want to move anymore and find yet another job; I would stay and fight. My friends told me I would never win and that the white male controller would always be in control. I wrote letters to different forms of government in my state and to the federal government. Since I had no rights, not even a right to vote, these letters went unanswered and most likely unread. I decided to get louder and make my petitions more relevant. I named names so these men should no longer get away with treating me inhumanely. I could not stop from speaking out; I wanted to be heard. I was smart and educated and very capable. One night while walking home from work, I was taken. To others, I just disappeared. I remember briefly coming out of unconsciousness, feeling cold and wet. I could smell the grass and the murky waters. I then fell asleep.

     After this death, I awoke to a new world of fairness, humanity, and love. I went to a healing center that had the most beautiful gardens. My parents were there; I felt safe for the first time. I want other women to feel safe. I want other people of all races, colors, and genders to feel safe. I decided to become a Compassionate to assist people on their journey to do things smartly and appropriate for their time. If you have been hurt, taken advantage of, or abused, let me help you soothe that pain and develop the wisdom to deal with people who are detrimental to your well being. You do not have to carry shame and guilt for what has happened to you. You are beautiful and can be whole again. Blessings to all who take this life journey.

#12  Dr. Thomas

The name Thomas describes a quiet person of solitude. 
           Dr. Thomas begins his story in the civil war days. He was a doctor who worked for the Union Army. He chose the Union because he was opposed to slavery. He was a very quiet, peaceful man who loved his books and loved to learn. In 1863 there was a dire need for makeshift hospitals for the troops. The wounded were overwhelming all of the normal medical facilities. Many large estates were set up for these makeshift hospitals until the war was over. During that time of war, individuals had to wear many hats because there was a shortage of skilled medical experts. Dr. Thomas became distraught with grief trying to help the injured. A common treatment for injury was amputation during that time. Dr. Thomas resorted to alcohol to numb his emotional pain. Being quiet and isolated most of his life with all of his book s did not prepare him for this type of trauma. It was a vicious cycle. He drank to numb the pain of seeing the injured and not being able to heal or repair them adequately with his tools and staff. On the other hand, when he drank, he did surgery that was not in his integrity and harmed many a soldier. This made him feel worse, so he drank more.
          At one point, he came into contact with a young woman who was an outcast. She was restricted from the house and worked in the fields to get food. This young woman caught his attention; her name was Allegra. He found her very competent and alone. She did not seem to fit in anywhere and needed a place in life. She was not only willing to learn but her heart desired to help all the injured no matter what their political stance. He trained her as a nurse even though she could not be employed and paid by the Army because she was half Indian and half white.  Allegra had been deserted by two races of people and she was still kind to all. Seeing this compassionate woman in action opened Dr. Thomas` heart and mind. He refrained from drink and began to be a better doctor. After working with Allegra until the war was over, Dr. Thomas became a more courageous man. He contracted Typhoid fever from the men he healed. After the war was over, there was still a great deal for medical personnel to do. The conditions left over from the war took a long time to clean up and become sanitary again.
         After his death, on the other side, Dr. Thomas reviewed his life. He was so impressed by the compassion of his protégé Allegra that his heart opened even further. He has a great desire to help all those who have been in war or injured. He is also very compassionate towards the families of the people who have gone to war. He understands firsthand the trauma and sacrifices of soldiers and their families. He longs to assist anyone who has suffered the consequences of the chaos of war. He aides in mending hearts of those who have lost and to help sooth their post-traumatic stress. Tell all of those with addictions that are running from their problems, there is hope. Compassion is the answer.

#7  Basco

  Name means:  Basco is a Spanish name.   Attracted to working outdoors in nature, where you would experience the peace and serenity you so much desire.
                I was born in Aztec in the southern part of North America at a time when the Spaniards were beginning to explore our continent.  I grew up in a time of war where all were expected to serve the Aztec nation.  My given name was only held by me until my twelfth birthday when I began training as a warrior.  We were trained to make our own weapons, knives, and spears.  We were trained to survive in the jungle.  I missed the peace I had enjoyed as  a child, being with family and just enjoying the fruits of the Earth, but we all were required to become warriors, it was a great honor to ourselves and our family when we had a kill of a great animal or an enemy.  We were upgraded in honor by being given another name to be identified by. This practice went on throughout the rest of our lives.  The more kills of either large prey or human enemies we were promoted in honor by receiving yet another new name.  In my heart this did not feel right, however, this was the way of my people at that time in history.  I fought many a great battle and received many scars, one of which you will see on my face which will help us remember that I was a warrior.  I committed atrocities but I am no longer that warrior.  After dying in battle, I did a great deal of healing on the other side, gaining perspective on the light which I truly am.  I changed my name to Basco to honor my spirit with the quality of peace and enlightenment knowing that all people can change no matter what their past spirit offers unlimited compassion to those who ask.  Compassion can be yours today, just ask for assistance and I will be there no matter who you are.


#13  Baby Isaiah

            I was born in America, in the deep southern territory.  My mother lived on a large plantation were she was a household slave to the Master.  Her life was somewhat care-free as a child; she had free time to roam the acreage of the Master’s plantation.  There was a river for swimming and sweet grasses she romped through.  As she began to develop into a woman, she was blessed with being trained in the Big House to serve and care for the ladies of refinery.  Mama loved this job as it was the nicest of all the jobs.  The Big House was unlike anything she had ever experienced:  the floors had colorful rugs, crystal light fixtures, the sheets and towels were soft like silk.  She was able to prepare the latest fashions for the ladies and took great pleasure in peeking into the main house during parties.  She was fascinated by watching the fancy ladies in their party attire dance and converse so precisely.

           Around her 14th birthday, life changed.  Her mama and aunties had warned her to begin to bind her breasts at an early age as to not stand out to draw attention to her body.  My mama was growing into a beautiful woman who could not go unnoticed by the Ladies of the Big House nor by the Master.  The more attention he paid her, the more she was restricted to menial tasks away from the house.  Soon she had to live in the laundry house, sweating and ruining her beautiful hands. This was a life she had heard about but never experienced.  There was no place to go and no other opportunities for her.
The Master became very fond of her and periodically brought her nice gifts. She felt special for the first time in her life, it was their special secret.  He took her for walks when they could get away, they talked the whole time and she wondered if this was love.  One day on one of their walks, the Master seemed anxious, he was very aggressive.  Mama was frightened and ran but he caught her, wrestled her to the ground hurting her body and her dignity, now she knew this was not love.  After that, she tried to avoid him but he said that he owned her, commanding her to keep their secret.  No more gifts were given, just repeated abuse.  During the next few months her body began changing, enlarged breasts a bulging belly and I was on the way.
The slave women hid my mother as much as they could and helped her conceal her condition. One dreary day near harvest, when the belly pain was unbearable, I was born!  Mama said it was the happiest day ever.  As soon as she could, she strapped me to her breasts returning to her given job. When I cried, one of the women would take me or Mama would soothe me with her breast milk.  As time went on, Mama and the women kept me a secret from the Big House and those who occupied it, the fine ladies and the Master.  Mama got stronger and I got bigger.

          One day, we heard the Master’s boots coming, the women were so frightened by his surprise return and the possible of beating they may have to endure for hiding me, they scattered leaving Mama dumbfounded washing laundry trying to stifle my crying.  The Master was enraged knowing that I must be his but blaming my beautiful mother for being a whore, who neglects her duties and disobeys the laws of the plantation.  He grabbed me by my feet and held me upside down screaming that I was a filthy child and must be cleansed.  He began dunking me in the laundry water filled with soap and lye. When my Mama pleaded with him to stop, he slapped her firmly to the ground.  As she stood again, he threw both of us on the dirt floor condemning us to eternal damnation if he ever saw us again.

         The other enslaved women grabbed us up, out of sight of the Master and took us to the local doctor.  They rinsed my eyes, face and body until they could detect no more lye.  It seemed like the burn would nev
er leave.  Mama and the locals tended to me night and day with the most generous loving care. They wept and prayed.  My angels were always there tending to me.  Also, informing me of what was to come and helping me understand what had happened.  I tried not to cry but I could not drink Mama’s blessed milk any longer as it burned inside of me.  They said I had swallowed and inhaled that dirty laundry water which had damaged my lungs and intestines.  That all they could do was to make me as comfortable as possible.   At only six months, my angels took me gently from this body called Isiah.
Immediately leaving my body, there was no pain, no cold, no thirst, nor aching belly, just peace and comfort.  Since leaving my body, the angels helped me watch over my Mama and the loving women from afar.  Sometimes they could hear my coos and I could let them hold me with the angels help.  They could only do this if they were still because the energy is so subtle.  It made me sad when they cried so much because I felt I was the source of their sorrow.  They had done so much for me on earth, even risked their own lives!  When I had healed my soul, the angels counseled me on my options; reincarnate to evolve my soul on earth or to serve as a compassionate to comfort and guide parents and children who are losing hope.  I chose the latter.  Call on me and the angels anytime, it is easy and we are always here.  Peace to you all!

#14  Oskar

Name means: Divine spear / God spear
           I am German and was a proud member of the Nazi regime. I was brought up with strong values of loyalty and unquestioning allegiance and to fight for what I believed in. I began as a simple soldier and, because of my dedication to what I believed in, I moved up the ranks within our military. World War II was underway at that time. It seemed as if everyone in the world had obscure ideas of what justice entailed.  The deeper I got into the ranks, I began to quietly question what our government was really about.  Every day it seemed I was questioning more and more. I don’t believe our government was seeking peace at that time. My perspective changed at that time and it seemed as if my government wanted control over everything and not just our people in our country. I began seeing atrocities that were unbelievable to me; my world was shattering. It completely shattered when I was brought under the commands to hurt, kill, and destroy innocent people and their townships. It became obvious to myself and my peers that we were to kill or be killed and remain unfaltering in loyalty to our government.
        Fear took over me; when we disobeyed a command or questioned authority or even hesitated when told what to do, we would be executed and/or threatened with our families lives. There was no court, no trial, no justice. I saw so many die. I smelled the putrid scent of burning flesh in the ovens. My soul was dead. How did this happen? How could our beautiful countrymen allow this to happen? There was a point when I felt that I had gone mad. I did not act as if I knew right from wrong, day from night. I was ashamed. I hated myself. I hated my countrymen. I hated my government. I could stand no more. I thought I could never breathe again. I loaded the pistol carefully to make sure there was no error. I felt the cold metal on my temple. I would never have to feel this way again. I pulled the trigger.
On the other side of the veil, there were so many people that were newcomers. There was much confusion; however, within a short period of time, angels appeared and you knew by their presence they were kind, loving beings. For the first time in so long, I had an inkling of hope for humanity. I began to feel again. I was directed towards a place of healing. For me, this place was grassy knolls with birds singing, a clear blue sky and fresh clean air. I was accompanied by one of these angels; and in time, my fear left. This angel showed me my lifetime and taught me that there is hope, that there truly was hope for people on the Earth. I spent a long time trying to forgive myself and then learning how to forgive others. My heart healed. I wanted to make up for what I had done. I asked to come back from a soul's vantage so that I may assist many throughout the Earth, helping them to tap into their wisdom and courage when it comes to structuring their community government. Don’t go with blind faith; use your intuition and wisdom when picking leaders. Question beliefs, making sure you would truly want to live under these belief systems. Do not be sheep in a pasture; be the shepherds. Stand up for what you believe in and don’t let others do it for you. For you are responsible for your own soul. Call upon me when you need courage and a straighter perspective and a greater understanding of your surroundings or environment. Blessings to you. May freedom rein. 


        My name is Pentaca.  I am very pleased to present my story to you.  The purpose of me revealing myself, and joining the Compassionates, is simple.  I long to help.  I am privileged and very grateful to be accepted into the Compassionates line.  We support, teach, and encourage each other to serve the world in a greater way. 
          My story begins deep in the jungles of South America.  You do not know my language, nor have you yet discovered my place of origin.  Our tribe/community has been influenced by the Mayan’s and the Aztec’s.  I can claim neither.  My people are beautiful.  They are creatures of nature. The earth spirits take care of us, feed us and teach us how to successfully survive as Humans.  Unlike many of the other Compassionates, I have had a life of beauty and grandeur.  My father was a chief of our community.  We were what you might call royalty.  This entitled me to a life that few others had.  Instead of working in the fields, hunting or warring, I was gifted with a peaceful life of freedom.  I did no work and everyone treated me special.  Yes, it was lovely.  My days were spent romping in the meadows, rivers, and jungle of this luscious country.  I learned the ways of life from the birds and animals.  I saw that their lives went in a circle.  They were born, they lived, forged and played and they died.  Being so protected by my family and community I did not understand human illnesses and death.  When I was turning into a woman there were many whisperings of men with guns coming closer to our land.  The community members seemed frightened and began preparing for war.  They were only trying to defend our way of life.  Our tribe began to get noticeably smaller.  I was moved off into the mountains with many servants.  The immediate family and the children. I loved the children and kept them entertained.

        It seemed as if all the children had much larger eyes than the adults.  Messengers came with greater notification of fear as the men came closer.  One day I stood on the top of the mountain, raising my arms to the sky, “I Am Pentaca”.  I would make this natural bird-like call, “Caw, Caw”.  I didn’t fully understand it, but it was innate.  All the children surrounded me.  The Caw cry seemed to be innate within them also.  Soon the spirits of the sky shown a large light on us.  It was very, very bright.  We were not afraid.  Even the smallest of children had no fear.  We had been waiting for this, this bright light to rescue us.  To spare us from slaughter.  We sent blessings to our families and the light took us up higher and higher into the sky until we were in vast darkness.  We were spared for the purpose of returning at a different time to assist the ones in fear.  There is no need for you to be afraid.  Please call on me.  I want to be of use.  The children want to help also.  Call to the Great Spirit.  Freedom is living and knowing that there is always help.  Observe the world in love.  Engage with nature and it will teach you how.  Caw! Caw!  Blessings!  

Channeled:  09 May, 2017


The Compassionates are not just beautifully drawn. I really feel a calming and peaceful energy
when I am in the presence of all of them especially. I have had the privilege of being with them
by myself. My purpose was to ask for help in enhancing, guiding and focusing my healing
energy on a goal I was doing at that time. The energy experience was gentle yet very powerful.
I felt supported and safe the entire time and finished feeling humbled and a bit overwhelmed.
As many people have experienced when viewing these drawings for the first time, I was
attracted especially to a certain few. I have also meditated on just a single one. When doing
this, my intention us usually to focus on self-improvement. In this, I have been very pleased. I
find that I have to ask, and make my request for help clear and concise. When I am able to do
this, help comes swiftly. Not necessarily an immediate resolution, but assistance. I imagine this
experience is different for each of us. For myself, I have felt physical, emotional and energy
sensations reaching out to them when focusing my thoughts or meditating on them. I feel I
have had good outcome with my personal goals in working with them. I also love that I can ask
them to assist another person who is struggling or suffering with an aspect in their lives. I am so
glad to have encountered the Compassionates. I think it amazing that people have such an
incredible resource to apply to when needed. I am open to working with them. For me, there
is no downside. The worst thing that could happen is nothing. On the other hand anything is
possible. I like possibility.

-Kahleen Martin